Behind The Smiles

Behind The Smiles

Cystic Fibrosis: I could give you the medical definition of what it is, in fact there is one on the following page. However, that surely doesn't do justice to the realities of it all.
Cystic Fibrosis is a disease that slowly destroys your body one day at a time. It causes constant pain and fatigue, hours of treatments and more than 30 tablets, not every week, but every single day. Your lungs ache and struggle to do what seems to others the simplest of processes: BREATHING!
Toxic antibiotics that improve but also destroy your body.
Doctors, nurses and therapists are as close as family.
We reach 18 years old, we celebrate, not because we are now considered a legal adult, we are celebrating because we are ALIVE.
Our bodies are starved of proper nutrients and oxygen. Kidneys fail. Livers fail. Hearts fail. Lungs fail. Bodies fail. We die!
Kids who never got the chance to see high school, teenagers who were holding on to hopefully graduate and adults who waited endless hours for that call, but it never came.
Think this is too harsh? Welcome to the life of thousands of children and adults, who despite all of this keep an immense amount of laughter and positivity in their lives.
Welcome to the life of thousands of people who deserve a cure!

  Written by Andrew Ward CF

What is it like?

The following video gives you an insight into what it is like to have Cystic Fibrosis. How a sufferer feels inside.
Please copy and paste this link to see the video. 

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06.08 | 21:14

What a beautiful tribute to a beautiful young lady xxx

22.05 | 19:36

absolutely awesome! Thanks you for making and sharing this!

22.05 | 10:31

Wow! What a beautiful tribute! I was very moved by this wonderful collection of images and music...So sorry once more for your great loss.

21.05 | 21:42

Absolutely beautiful this bought tears to my eyes. What a beautiful lady beaky was your must be so proud of her such a brave girl. My love goes to you Sarah and

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